Alphabet letters for unusual home decor

When it comes to furnishing your home, it is not just about putting in things. In fact, it is about putting in the right things, the things that are the prefect mix of quality and fun. A dash of quality and perfect quantity of fun put in the shape of alphabets. OK, sorry to keep you guessing, I am talking about the home furnishings that take inspiration from alphabets.

1) Alphabet Drawers
alphabet drawers
These alphabet drawers arranged from A-Z are a cool way to add new style to your furniture. The drawers are inspired by vintage printing blocks and are made of solid oak.
2) Z side Table
contemporary bed side table1
From Sisko Design, this magnanimous bedside table will render a strong personality to your home.
3) Furniture Font Print
furniture font print
furniture font print1
This range of furniture alphabets is brought to you by the house of High Fashion Home. Every alphabet is given the shape of some furniture.
4) T sideboard Table
contemporary sideboard table3
In alphabet T, this sideboard table is also in Oak Veneer and is from Sisko Design. It doesn’t look anything less than a sculpture and will add an arty touch to your living room.
5) Hello Furniture
hello furniture
Hello furniture is designed by Viennese design firm Walking-Chair. In the shape of alphabets, the furniture collection includes chairs and tables that are made of powder-coated steel sheets.
6) Letters Book shelf
letters bookshelf
A cool alphabetical bookshelf by Pieter de Leeuw comprises of multi-colored letters that can be arranged according to the user’s choice.
7) Letter-Shaped Side Tables
andrew martin side table1
These side tables designed by Andrew Martin are different from the usual side tables. This letter-shaped table renders a 3D effect to your home.
8) Tamago
tamago by merci design
From Merci Design, it is a collection of children’s furniture that can be arranged to form letter forms. This furniture is made of recycled paper pulp.
9) A and Z shelves
a and zshelves
From Pottery Barn, these A and Z shelves can prove to be wonderful furnishing for your kids’ room. However, these are only available in red.
10) Q furniture
q furniture
The furniture inspired by the shape of the alphabet Q comes to you from Temasek Design School.
11) Sezitall Personalized Bookcase
sezitall personalised bookcase
Designed specially for the space of your kids, the Sezitall Personalized Bookcase is available in three bright colored letters at each end. The bookshelf features four large white shelves which is separated by a wooden letter at each end.
12) Dharma Lounge chair
dharma lounge chair2
The Lounge chair from Dharma is a brilliant piece of artwork. The furniture is designed with the alphabets and numbers, which form the back of the chair.
13) Bed Side Table in alphabet S T and number 6
contemporary bed side table2
Again from Sisko Design, these side tables are made in Oak Veneer. These bedside tables will render your home a 3D ambiance that will definitely enhance your interiors.
14) Bunk Beds
cool bunk beds
These must be the coolest bunk beds in the world. These beds have the support with the shape of C. Quite neat and unique for your children’s room.
15) Table
kamiya design table1
A table and chair set that looks like the word “table” when joined together. It has been designed by Toshinori Kamiya of Kamiya Design and will definitely let you play with it, in addition to offering you the functionality of a chair and table.
16) Chair
By Joseph Kosuth, the chair has been given a new definition all together by using the alphabet. You can construct a chair by assembling the redesigned letters.
17) SET 26
set 26_01
SET 26 is a collection of furniture letters designed by Swiss furniture maker. All the 26 alphabets come to you in six different colors.
Other Home Furnishing
Adorn your Walls
You can adorn your walls with the alphabet. You want the letters to make sense or not, that is totally up to you. The pictures you see below are the large digitally printed images that are offered to you by Bloompapers.
Alphabet Bookends

alphabet bookends
These alphabet bookends are to be placed in such a way that these provide support for the books in between.
Marquee Alphabet Lights

marquee alphabet lightsjpg
These Marquee alphabet lights can either placed on your shelf or be perched on the wall. These will not fail to add a vintage charm to any room.


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