Nerdiest wedding rings for geek couple

Marriages are made in heaven, and maybe that is why those rings binding the two souls too have to look heavenly. For most it could mean dazzling rings cast in platinum or gold and studded with the rarest gems. However for the geeks, it means something extremely unique and completely unthought-of before. Just think, you can take your wedding ring ahead from being a simple metal band to a high-tech, multi-media piece of jewelry symbolizing your one-of-a-kind union. Take a look at the following rings for some real nerdy tips.

The Projector Ring
projector wedding ring
The Bespoke wedding ring has a built-in mini projector in it. Nerd Luke Jerram, the groom-to-be worked this ring with a jewelry designer Tamrakar. Featuring a mini lens and a transparent slide, which has a tiny image of himself and his bride. The images are projected when the ring is put against light. Apart from its nerdy features, the ring seems to be made from some darn metal, so won’t cost you much and still stand out among all the rest.

USB Drive-style Wedding Ring
nerdy wedding ring
The super-nerd Ray Arifianto from Microsoft Game Studios chose the nerdiest wedding ring for his marriage. Ray’s wife who was cool with his idea, ordered a USB-drive styled ring with a lovely engraving on it, saying, “For a lifetime of memories”. Aww, isn’t that simply geekilicious?

Ethernet Rings
the internet ring
The Cat 5 compliant wedding rings set has been handcrafted by Seattle artist Jana Brevick in sterling sliver. The pair of rings can also be interlocked to each other to reflect the unbreakable connection despite distance.

The Remember Ring
remember ring
The electronic ring has a heating element inside it, which heats up to give burning reminders of anniversaries. The Remember Ring can virtually save your marriage through the years by reminding you of all the spacial days, which is extremely essential to please the wifey.

The Binary Ring
the binary ring
The custom made Binary ring could have your special message deciphered in binary codes and inscribed on it forever. The titanium has been designed by a geek at Cascadia Design Studio

Google Vanity Ring
google ring
The electronic ring shows the number of Google hits when searching for the name of your beloved. When you connect it to its docking station and leave it overnight, it reloads and updates to the Google popularity of one’s personality.

USB Ring
usb ring
Dazzling Swarovski crystal rings are the most elegant and desirable nerdy rings. The amazing fully functional USB rings allow you to store your sweet romantic memories on it. 

The Soundwave ring
sound graphics wedding ring
If your geek is also a great audiophile, the Soundwave ring is just perfect. It is custom made with a snipped from your wedding, which is them lase-cut as a sound-wave on the ring.


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