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You don’t always need a time machine to go back in time. Artists have this knack of crafting stuff that pushes the limits of sanity and we are there in the era they’d want us to be. Steampunk artist posses this flair just better than the others – yes of course, they have Steampunks like us to suffice. Now, when we aren’t eluded from anything that’s Steampunk, it’s sheer pride to salute an entire genre of creation – that, figured to be the phones this time around. Check out this amazing collection of Steampunk phones we’ve lined up for your eyes and wit.

Celsius X VI II LEDIX phone
celsius x vi ii ledix_bbhw3_54
Celsius X VI II LEDIX: This retro-styled 245 grams luxury phone priced at $300k is made in grade five titanium with a mechanically elucidated watch on the frame. Only 28 limited editions Celsius X VI II LEDIX cellphones will be made, complete in black PVD titanium with carbon fiber inserts. The Steampunk phone comes with a 2.2-inch OLED screen, a 3.2MP camera with flash and about 3.5 hours of talk-time. The OS is simple and there’s no media player or a browser to show, so there’s no chance for Bluetooth and 3G in case you thought.
celsius x vi ii ledix _3_zo6vl_54
celsius x vi ii ledix _4_e3d12_54 
Pezzano’s steampunk communicator phone
steampunk cellphone_ovnpk_54
Pezzano’s phone: Only for display, this15x 5cm slim-line communicator phone is made in all recycled materials, painted, glued, screwed and made fine in nano-steam technology. The phone, that can be ordered to be delivered anywhere around the globe, comes neatly done with a 30 cm foldable antenna for that retro look.
steampunk mobile phone_4fuqa_54
steampunk slimline mobile phone 054_pqgot_3858

Phone from Russia
steampunk based russain phone image 1_zeyla_59
Russian steampunk phone: Caught on picture in Russia, and including everything Steampunk in one solid form factor, this Steampunk phone is good enough for a short narrative. Loaded with loads of Steampunk goodness, this looks well detail in front
steampunk based russain phone image 2_n4eka_59
steampunk based russain phone image 3_liliv_59

Arthur Schmitt’s Steampunk phone
steampunk phone by arthur schmitt
Arthur Schmitt’s Steampunk phone: is a conceptual prototype Steampunk phone. It’s got a heavy wire cover over the earpiece, gauges, visible screws, a rugged brown scheme, a spinning number-counter and a whole lot. For genius, the phone uses punch cards and binary phone numbers to control faculties like making calls.
steampunk phone by schmitt 03
steampunk phone by schmitt 04

Treo Smartphone Mark 1
steampunk smartphone mod_bypi6_54
Treo Smartphone Mark 1: This mspark400 designed Steampunk Treo Smartphone Mark 1 with a retro looking watch dial on the keypad, completes a universe for any Steampunk aficionado. The Smartphone mod complete in leather and brass plates, despite the modification remains 100% percent functional and to me is almost too cool for words.
steampunk smartphone mod 1_zp2ws_54
steampunk smartphone mod 4_7ly37_54

USS Salem’s command phone
uss salem phone
USS Salem’s command phone: is a telephone aboard a WWII era warship – the heavy crusier we know as the USS Salem. This absolutely gorgeous steampunkish phone has brass nauntical bling around the rotary dial, while the phone’s Press to Talk - Reproducer Only switch add to it beauty and functionality.
uss salem

John Mavrovic’s phone
steampunk phone_3av9b_6648
John Mavrovic’s phone: A broken typewriter, parts of old clocks and some rusted screws might be nothing more than junk for you, but for John Mavrovic they’re the raw materials for a Steampunk-ish looking mobile phone. FYI, it’s just the body that has been made from discarded materials, inside rests a working Nokia mobile phone.

Steampunk Mobile Phone
Steampunk Mobile Phone: Found on urban don’s Flickr photo stream, this Steampunk Mobile Phone is made is recycled materials that include - iron parts, old watchparts and loads of scrap metal. Measureing 12x 5 x 5 cm, this flip style phone is available for sale.

Steampunk iPhone
steampunk concept phone ilounge concept contest_v1sdn_59
Steampunk iPhone: from designer Karl Vanderbeek make you crazy as you can get when talking about an iPhone design and it would suite no one but a Steampunk. The design in brass, walnut and leather or Bakelite, supports 3G with up to 5G connectivity and magic touch windows with an inboard power plant. Also, there is a videocall camera with a lighting quick keyboard and location tracking.

Steampunk desk phone
steampunk phone_1_p2t4p_69
Steampunk desk phone: made entirely from found farmer’s tool. Looking closely at the artwork reveals shears, saw blades, socket sets, pliers, mouse trap, spanners, cogs, wood, nuts and bolts and wire and metal used in the make. Though the piece won’t let you get connected with your friends, the artwork is definitely worth exhibiting in your living room.
steampunk phone_2_oq63u_69
steampunk phone_3_zh79e_69

Edi mobile
Edi mobile concept: by Bill Gould the Edi-Mobile concept a phone Edison would have loved. The crank initiates the call and there’s a slide out numeric keypad, but the best bit is the 50 lb lead battery required to operate it. No scope for text messaging here.

Classic Nokia cellphone
steampunk cellphone1
Classic Nokia cellphone: Built around a classic Nokia cellphone, this Steampunk cellphone is coated in leather and metal finish. It’s almost too awesome for words.
steampunk cellphone2
steampunk cellphone3

Flip phone
steampunk phone
Flip phone: out of rural areas of Australia, made for TELSTRA Australian phone network provider for print advertisements, brochures and point of sale displays, this flip on this flip phone is great creation out of scrap and farmers tools. A great build to let aliens communicate with their natives.
steampunk phones


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