Swarovski crystals instead of pubic hair

It is no longer fashionable pubic shave. Or rather, it is not only fashionable pubic shave.

If before the hairstyles were shaped symphysis triangles, boxes, swallow tails, lines, arrows or "cut to zero, when women turned to face different ornaments.

Several years ago, when she appeared with Jordan pictorialul Playboy, women had begun to appreciate tattoos pubic area instead of hair. Here as in the present and the tattoo was obsolete.

The power came Swarovski crystals which, more recently, are meant to intimate areas of women's beautified.

Fashion was launched by Jennifer Love Hewitt who came from a particular issue to discuss this and the intervention can be made at a clinic in New York, called Completely Bare Hi-Tech's how you do it.

      Step 1
      Purchase a stick-on crystal body tattoo in your favorite design and color. Crystal tattoos come in designs such as hearts, stars and butterflies. You can find these in the makeup section of most stores, but to get real Swarovski crystal tattoos, you'll need to order online. Swarovski retired their line of body crystals recently, so they are very hard to find. See the resources section below to find where you might can still get them.
      Step 2
      Start by shaving or waxing your bikini area completely. Be sure to clean the area very well after you shave or wax. Stickers stay on clean skin better than skin that has product residue or lotions on it. When finished, pat the area dry with a soft towel.
      Step 3
      Apply the crystal stickers to the upper part of your bikini area only. For instance, if your private region was represented by the letter V, you would only stick the crystals on the very top part of the V. Don't go anywhere near the bottom part of the letter with those crystals!
      Step 4
      To remove the vajazzle crystals, simply peel them off gently. If they are too stuck to the skin to comfortably peel off, apply a little babyoil to dissolve the glue for easier removal.


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