Wackiest Sports with animals

In our last post about Wackiest sports with animals, we listed down five animal sports that not many people had heard of. Though animals have always been used as a source of entertainment for us, some of these sports can be entertaining for the animals as well. Some of these sports have been practiced for a long time and have had a cultural influence. We have tried to list 5 more sports with animals which we thought were wacky enough to be included in our last list.

Cow Fighting
A fight of about forty minutes, cow fight actually tests the dominance of a cow. It’s basically a fight of pushing each other using their horns. While a bull fight involves bulls and humans, cow fighting is all about cows.
Started in 1920’s, it’s a traditional Swiss event which takes place every year and is called “combats de reines” which means”queen fights”.

Elephant Polo

Played in South Asian countries India, Thailand, Neapl and Srilanka, Elephant Polo is a variant of polo while riding elephants. The game had originally started in India but the modern version started in Nepal. It’s played with the same standard polo ball and a long cane (or stick) about six to nine feet in length and has a polo mallet head.

Pig Wrestling

This game has been a concern of animal rights organizations. The game involves participants to catch hold of a slippery pig. Mostly played in state and county fairs, the basic version of the games has team of four members who chase a pig in mud pit which has fence on its boundary. The team which puts the pig in a barrel in least time is declared the winner.

Rabbit Show Jumping

This sport is sure as much fun for the rabbits as it for the humans watching them jump over obstacles. The domestic rabbit are categorized in small and large for separate competitions. The obstacles are appropriately sized and official world record in set at 39.17 inches. Though the sport originated in Sweden, it was popularized in the UK.

Ferret Legging

This male only sport is an endurance test of the participants. It requires participants to put live ferrets in their pants for as long as they can. The participant who releases the animal last is declared the winner. Though the sport is held every year in Richmond, Virginia; it’s considered a dying sport.


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