Creepiest 20 Anatomical Tattoos

Another collection of tattoos with anatomical designs. 

heart tattoo (Link)
Skeleton with girl tattoo (Link)

Female reproductive system tattoo. (Link)

Baby fetus tattoo. (Link)

Hand tattoo. (Link)

Muscle rip arm tattoo

Heart cancer tattoo designed by Leah Neuhauser. (Link)

Anatomical heart cross section tattoo

This tattoo represents a nice chunk of skin removed to reveal the anatomy

Skeleton torso tattoo

Skeletal back tattoo. (Link)

Kidney tattoo. (Link)

Arm muscles tattoo. (Link)

Vein tattoo. (Link)

Brain tattoo. (Link)

Wrist anatomy tattoo illustrated by medical illustrator, Karen Bucher. (Link)

Chest muscle tattoo.

X-ray fetus tattoo. (Link)

Tattoo of a ribcage

zombie boy


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