Most Incredible Carbon Fiber Gadgets

If you happen to be a carbon fiber enthusiast, and look for gadgets and electronics that can last for a lifetime besides adding flair to you geekdom, then gadgets adorned with carbon fiber is certainly what you desire. Carbon fiber is a material that comprises thin fibers composed mainly of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are bonded together in microscopic crystals which make the fiber very strong for its size. We have dived down the depths of the web to find for you the 10 best gadgets and electronics that you’ll definitely fall for, in case you don’t desire them for yourself, these could make for gifts that’ll truly be appreciated by any recipient. Why don’t you scroll down for yourself and see what we are talking off?

1. Ferrari 1000 carbon fiber notebook
1 ferrari acer laptop
Acer has created a special series of laptops called the Ferrari series. There are three versions, considered their high-end notebooks, the Ferrari 1000, Ferrari 1100, and Ferrari 5000. Featured here is the Ferrari 1000 - an ultra-portable notebook with a 12.1-inch screen. It features an AMD Turion dual core processor, 160GB SATA hard drive, ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 integrated graphics and are cased in a extremely sexy carbon fiber exterior.

2. Grand Monaco USB flash drives
usb drive carbon fiber
The carbon fiber graced USB flash drives are an integral part of new Grand Monaco Collection. Grand Monaco flash drives are executed of hard and light titanium superalloy and a special development for Gresso. These are two flash drives with 32GB memory capacity priced at $500 each.
3. Vertu carbon fiber phone
vertu carbon fiber cell phone
Developed by Vertu, the luxury mobile phones come finished with optimum carbon fibers and resin that gives a flawless uniform look on both the flat and curved parts. Presenting a 2-inch QVGA display, 3G, 4GB of internal memory and a 3.15MP camera with LED flash, the Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fiber not only gives full-proof protection to your mobile phone, but also makes it sleek and lightweight, allowing you to extend your chats without burdening your wrist.
4. Bell & Ross carbon fiber watch

br01 carbon fiber watch
Bell & Ross has made this completely carbon fiber watch called the BR-01-92 Carbon Fiber. Made in 500 limited models, the BR01 has face and strap featuring carbon fiber. It will also be complemented by their BR01-94 chronograph model.
5. Carbon-fiber keyboard

indudur carbon fiber keyboard_mbrc7_54
Dubbed the InduDur, the keyboard is made special to live up to applications that require a high degree of durability. The front-panel of the keyboard wears the extremely solid carbon fiber make which makes the keyboard lightweight. The keys on the board have been fitted with non-removable stainless steel keycaps, while the 38mm integrated trackpad is made from durable epoxy resin that survives longer than the stainless steel version on the other keyboards. Available in three attractive finishes: mat carbon black, high-gloss carbon silver and high-gloss carbon black, there’s no word on the price though.
6. Carbon fiber Xbox 360 controller

carbon fiber xbox 360 controller
The carbon fiber Xbox 360 controller mod is made in Germany by a forum reader called MueMue. He used the shell of an extra wireless controller to make into this carbon fiber case. The original removable battery pack has been replaced with two built-in 1100mAh.

7. Sleek Audio SA7 Carbon Fiber Headphones

audio sa7 carbon fiber headphones
If you are looking for a pair of headphones that last, then you would like to see the Sleek Audio SA7 Carbon Fiber Headphones. The headphones are designed to last your entire life courtesy their make from military grade solid aluminum and carbon fiber. The headphones are a little costly and will set you back between $350 and $400 a pair.
8. Pagani home audio system

pagani carbon fiber home audio system
Guess Pagani home audio system is not only hi-fi but is simply out of this world with its sleek polished aluminum and carbon fiber stereo system. Adding to the divinity of the system, Pagani have utilized the classic designs of their automobile DDGs (that is Drop Dead Gorgeous, for the uninitiated!) to making this dual vinyl turntable (one for both 33 and 45 rpm discs as well as a CD player) +CD player+speakers+amps set up more of a legend-inspiring cult figure than just another home audio system. Don’t believe me? Well, you need t just check out the Zonda four-pipe exhaust system -inspired bass tubes that lie at the bottom of the twin 350 watt tower speakers which BTW are situated just by the control unit and the amplifier.
9. Carbon fiber joystick

carbon fiber joystick
To allow you to play in style with the customized joystick made out of carbon fiber and fiberglass, gamer degauss has customized equipment which features, all Seimitsu buttons with quick disconnects, Dual-PCB, MadCatz 360 retro arcade PCB Imp electronic switch and RJ-45 Mod. While it won’t increase your skills in any particular game, this carbon fiber joystick will definitely add grace to your gaming fantasy and style.
10. Ultra eXo carbon fiber PC case

exo carbon fiber case_ssvs8_48
The new eXo carbon fiber ATX mid-tower case by Ultra Products is made with aluminum and 2.5mm carbon fiber, the eXo comes with front and rear 120mm fans, a side panel air duct for the CPU, a side panel VGA vent and TAC compliant vents. The carbon fiber case also has 12 drive bays. The side of the case features audio and Firewire/USB ports. An aluminum case with foam padding complements this deluxe chassis. Targeted at gamers, the eXo Carbon Fiber case is priced at $999, but you can buy it on Amazon for a cheap $899.


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