Lady Gaga's weirdest headdresses

When we talk about Lady Gaga in the fashion world, the first thing that crosses our mind is bizarre! And indeed she is quite weird. But the best thing about this woman is that she carries out the wackiest of her styles in a very confident and appealing manner. Well, we can also call her a trend-starter, as she started with the style of unique headdresses. And by now there must be uncountable head-pieces in her closet. The most recent one was the floral wrap with the lace dress. I wonder how did she manage to see from this enormous little piece. Well, I guess, this is what we call the Gaga effect, she makes even the impossible fashion look easy. Scroll down if you are interested in seeing the weirdest of her headdresses from the past. Trust me, they are a must watch!
 The Bridal Hood
the bridal hood
At the 2009 MTV Music Awards afterparty, Gaga covered her head with this bridal veil. Well, she actually looked like a cushion cover in it!

The Flowery Ensemble
the flowery ensemble
I wonder how can one even manage to see in it. But Gaga did it effortlessly and combined this head-piece of her’s with an all lace outfit at the launch of her lipstick for MAC Viva Glam.

The Ghostly Headpiece
the ghostly headpiece
At the 2010 Brit Awards red carpet, Gaga entered wearing an off-white tiered dress. Well, her whole appearance made no sense.

Hair Umbrella
hair umbrella
Lady Gaga announced her partnership with Poloroid, wearing a huge hair umbrella. Well, this one was looking quite chic if compared to the others.

Lobsters On Head
lobsters on head
Lobsters are meant to be eaten, but Gaga prefers wearing them. At a private celebration party in Mr. Chow’s Restaurant, Lady Gaga was seen wearing a sparkling big and creepy lobster! Weird, isn’t it?

Mushy Hair Headdress
mushy hair headdress
Well, this one was actually gross. She wore the weirdest piece at the ACE Awards, which made her look like a diseased woman.

Recycled Paper Hat
recycled paper hat
Enormous and untidy, Gaga’s Goth look with a Goth headdress at the MOCA NEW 30th anniversary gala was indeed very disgusting!

Reindeer Head-Piece
reindeer head piece
During the month of Christmas, Gaga conveniently dressed herself up with the antlers on her head. She wore a latex dress with these to complete her look!

The Lightening Strikes
the lightening strikes
She looked like that evil character, straight from a sci-fi movie at the Grammy Awards 2010. she matched her head-piece with a silver Armani dress and pink face paint.

Bloody-Red Thorns
bloody red thorns
While receiving the award for the “Best New Artist” during 2009 MTV Music Awards, Gaga looked more like a Red-Indian!


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