Innovative Energy-saving power plugs, cord and outlets

A penny saved is a penny earned, and the same goes for the very versed term ‘Energy’. The energy you save today will help you to light up your houses for another 20 years down the line. With each effort you make to save energy, you not only save money, but also reduce the demand for other pollutants. The efficient energy consumption is the demand of sustainable environment. Here we have some energy saving power plugs, cord and outlets you can bank on to lower your electricity bills.

Sticord plugs


Designed by Dongyeon Kim, Sticord plug houses the on/off switch that works to conserve the power. When pushed on, the internal connects to start the device, and when not in use, the device can be disconnected from mains simply pressing the plug to come out. The blue light on the plugs keeps you updated whether the device connected is on or off, and the yellow light shows the flow of electric power. 

Wind Up socket
wind up socket

Wind Up socket
helps to cut down your electricity bills and also loads on your pocket. This socket keeps a track of time you would actually use the electrical appliances. Once the need of electricity gets done, this socket automatically switches off appliances connected to it thus saving upon the electricity and money as well. 

Inlet Outlet

Inlet Outlet
is one of the unique and commendable concepts that’ll not only save energy, but also harness it back into your house itself. It is a concept that stands close to the outlets so as to suck back the electricity that was wasted by us. The outlets with number of adapter kits help to convert waste energy emitted by things around your house into energy-generating, inlet-ready devices.

Talking Plug
talking plug

Designed by Zerofootprint, this Talking Plug talks, not literally, but just to tell you to save electricity. The smart plug is capable of controlling home appliance energy use by making your electric sockets smarter. Talking Plug is capable of giving detailed information on the amount of energy consumed by an individual appliance or electronic. In addition, it is also programmable, giving you the facility to control appliances.

Tok Took power plug
tok_took_power plug

Tok Took power plug
is a commendable effort from designer Soon Mo Kang that ensures safety and also saves energy at the same time. Tok Took works basically on the toggle system, making it easy and convenient to use. The joining section remains concealed to hold the other end, thus dipping the risk of electric shock. They are also easy to remove just with the press of a button, so just be cautious that you save energy by unplugging it. The plug also reduces the inconvenient elements which users cannot help bending their body to put out the plug in an unspecific place.

Green Outlet

Taking the issue of electricity consumption during standby mode, Green Outlet
is a solution to save up to 75% of the electricity. This appliance lets the user set the timer from touch-screen timer, depending on how long the device may be connected. Once the timer goes off the plug/charger gets ejected physically from the outlet, thus preserving energy. 

Leech Plug

Leech Plugs
helps to save energy when the electrical device connected to a power outlet is fully charged. Designed by RISD student Conor Klein, it simply tells your electronics when to stop sucking. It is inspired by the behavior of leech (a parasite that sucks blood), and unplugs the chord when done with the charging. By using a timer circuit along with electro mechanics, it’s able to disconnect itself from the host when fully charged. 

Ecotek energy wizard
ecotek energy wizard

The Ecotek energy wizard is helps you with your appliances, which are literally vampires when it comes to sucking in electricity. This energy wizard makes sure that your appliance takes in less electricity than usual. It makes sure that alternating current and voltage works smoothly, making them rise and fall together. Capable of reducing your consumption up to 10%, the wizard will work only if you have UK 3 pin plug socket. 

EDF energy saving adaptor
edf energy saving adaptor

If you really want to save energy and lend a helping hand to light up other’s homes, then turn on to the EDF energy saving adaptor. French designer Gilles Belley in collaboration with the EDF design department, makes a noble effort to save energy. The adaptor displays the useless energy consumption during standby mode. The amount of power wasted by any of your PC or TV is illuminated on the adaptor, which will alert the user to completely shut off the device, or wait three minutes, at which point it is disabled automatically.

Energy saving power cords
power aware cord

Keeping in view the energy and sustainability, the Power cord by the team of designer Anton Gustafsson and Magnus Gyllensward envisions you about the power consumed by you. When the appliances consume the energy, the cord is lighted up to keep you aware about the energy consumption. More the power used, brighter the light in the cord. The power cord keeps a check on the power consumed, thus reflecting the energy consumption of electrical devices in their home.

Energy Lock Plug 
energy lock

Energy Lock Plug
is a concept designed by Young Suk Kim, that keeps a check on your electricity consumption. The plug ensures that the appliances that are not in use do not consume the energy. All you need to do is set the timer to tap your energy consumption, once the timer buzzes, the plug shuts down the appliance, preventing any waste of energy.

Power Socket Switch
power socket switch

Designed by Yong-jin Kim, the Power Socket Switch is a gadget that cuts down upon your pocket load largely. Since, most of the electricity is wasted when any of your device is in stand by mode, this switch can do the trick for you. The switch simply turns the outlet off when not in use, bringing down upon your bills that otherwise would give you shocks. 

eco cord

Designed by Lufdesign, ECord promises to conserve energy by spotting unnecessary electricity leakage. It is dressed in PVC covering that changes color when current enters through this cord, keeping you aware on the energy consumed by you. 

Ace Plug
ace plugs

Designed by team of Lai You Cheng, Liu Kai Ping and Liu Chen Gu, this Ace Plug alerts you with its noise when the energy is being wasted. This plug gives out pesky noises when any of the device that is not in use is connected to the socket. Its noise will piss you to take a step to lend a helping hand to conserve power.


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