High-tech dresses for eco fashionistas

Doesn’t a collection of computational apparel, interactive fashion and technology-based attire sound exciting? Wearing something similar would not only be great fun, but also the ultimate style statement. High-tech fashion is the next big thing. So, here I bring you one chance to jump into the future and see high-tech fashion at its best.

• Flare LED dress:
flare led dress
The lightweight and energy-efficient credentials of LEDs have made designers think of countless application areas. Dutch Designer Stijn Ossevoort has come up with a dress dubbed Flare, which is embroidered with LEDs that are powered by wind energy. As the wearer walks down the street, the dress glows in different patterns.

• LumiGram’s illuminating dress:
lumigrams illuminating dress
LumiGram high tech fashion & decoration is here to make heads turn while you walk in the dark. The stylish and high-tech dress is made using the luminous Fiber Optics Fabric that emits light, making it perfect for cocktail party or ball. Low voltage wearable batteries power the soft and sensuous dress
• Emotion sensitive dress:
emotion sensitive dress
If I say dresses could display your emotions, would you buy it? The Bubelle Dress designed by electronic giants Philips does just that. The emotion sensitive dress has an inner layer that consists of biometric sensors that pick up a person’s emotions and projects them in colors onto the outer layer. Stress, anger and fear makes the dress go red, while calmness is displayed in a green color.

• The Dandelion windmill costume:
dandelion windmill costume
Mary Huang and Jennifer Kay have created the Dandelion portable windmill costume that harnesses wind power to create its own energy. Studded with numerous power generators, i.e. miniature windmills, the unique attire utilizes wind kinetics to capture usable energy.

• Ecotech Solar Jacket:
ecotech solar jacket
The Solar Jacket is the new fashion statement by Zegna Sport. Not only is its outer fabric, breathable membrane, seam taping, lining, and padding are made from recycled plastic, but is also has solar panels attached to the upper sleeves. Solar power is trapped by Ecotech’s photovoltaic cells and converted into energy that powers the heating device on the inner side of the jacket to keeps you warm. In addition, the energy can be used to power you gadgets like a cellphone or iPod.

• Dissolvable dress:
dissolvable dress
The world’s first dissolvable dress is a brainchild of British Professor Helen Storey and Professor Tony Ryan, a leading chemist. The fabric is made from a clear polymer, polyvinyl alcohol. The dresses dissolve at a pace that they will be able to survive a sweaty party.

• Polar Ice Cap Shirt:
polar ice cap shirt
Here is an ingenious piece of work that its creator Webelow Wear believes is sensible. Dubbed the “Polar Ice Cap Shirt”, the T-shirt spreads awareness regarded global warming by sensing the temperature. The T-shirt has an animation of polar ice cap painted on it with thermochromic ink technology. When the ambient temperature and the bodies heat radiation stays below 96.8 Fahrenheit, you can see the polar ice cap size from 1980 on it, while on exceeding the temperature the size of the polar ice reveled is that of 2009.

• Climate Dress:
climate dress1
Fashion designer Tine M. Jensen, the Danish Design School, the Alexandra Institute and the embroiderers at Forster Rohner have come up with soothing they call the “Climate Dress”. The haute-tech frock lights up when it senses carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The dress is a beautiful ensemble of conductive embroidery, connecting a CO2 sensor to an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor.

• Galaxy Dress:
galaxy dress
Getting the message of eco-fashion across is the attention-grabbing Galaxy Dress by CuteCircuit. The high-tech dress sporting 24,000 LEDs create a dazzling light show of hundreds of colors. To create an even more ethereal and flowing effect, the futuristic frock has four layers of silk chiffon. Just a few iPod batteries for 30 minutes illuminate the dress for an hour.


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