Crazy Hello Kitty obsessed vehicles

It’s amazing to see how this cute pink kitty can drive its fanbois so mad about her. There seems no limit to the unbelievable Hello Kitty-inspired stuff, from Hello Kitty contact lenses to entire Hello Kitty mansions, the Japanese doll is a big rage. But… Hello Kitty vehicles? Isn’t that totally insane, but nonetheless, it exists. Check out the pictures below, may be the effect adds you too to the Princess Kitty fans’ list.

Hello Kitty Scooter
hello kitty scooter
Whoa! But, it’s still pleasant to look at, the pink fanatics can be quite expected to ride this cutiepie.

Hello Kitty Motor Cycle
hello kitty hero honds nsr1
I never expected this from some ruggedized roadie. Wow, someone has gotten a Hero Honda NSR styled in Hello Kitty that too from head to toe.

Hello Kitty Honda Aero
hello kitty honda aero
Ewww, one feels like screaming looking at such pink treatment with the poor Honda Aero

Hello Kitty Mitsui
The lovely car fashioned in Princess Kitty style still looks desirable. I love it, do you?

Hello Kitty a 512 Testarossa Ferrari
hello kitty a 512 testarossa ferrari
Now this was never expected with a 512 Testarossa Ferrari. The sight is underwhelming.

Hello Kitty Tank
hello kitty tank
Are you seriously expecting me to remark on that? Well, the Hello Kitty Armoured Personnel Carrier is horrendous!

Awesome pink Kitty bike
hello kitty bike
One needs great guts to get such a bike a Hello Kitty paint job. However, this one looks simply terrific.

Ferrari 360 Modena in Hello Kitty
hello kitty ferrari 360 modena
It can’t get better or rather worse than this! It’s the ultimate tribute to Hello Kitty by an impossible fanatic from Jakarta, who has customized his entire Ferrari 360 Modena in Kitty colors.

Pimped out Hello Kitty Car
hello kitty car 2
Isn’t it a sheer waste of a great looking car? It’s looking too over the top.

Hello Kitty Bus
hello kitty bus
Since it was seen on the Japanese roads, so it’s no surprise. It isn’t a bad idea to go for sight seeing on this frivolous Kitty bus.

Hello Kitty AirBus
hello kitty airbus
Wow! Now that’s what I call fanaticism! Taiwan airline Eva Air had painted one of its Airbus A300-200 with Kitty colors, for special flights between Taipei and Fukuoka.

Vintage Hello Kitty Car
vintage hello kitty car 3
I’m not sure if this vintage car is functional, but it could make a be a really fascinating drive.

Hello Kitty Porsche Car
hello kitty porsche
Well, the car proves that there are many potential contenders against Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga in the world, so take a break from them for a while and you will definitely find crazy stuff elsewhere.


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