World’s Most Expensive Belt

Stuart Hughes Designs the World’s Most Expensive Belt, for Gucci               
If you always wanted to live the life of a WAG, you need a lot of money and some trashy taste to begin with. Time to time, just because a few things are really expensive no matter how tasteless they are, I bring them to you so that you would know, how to be a successful WAG. For instance, here is what is being touted as the world’s most expensive belt by Gucci.

Gucci after all isn’t such a bad brand but this belt however expensive it might be, reeks of trashy taste that WAGs so love. It was designed by Stuart Hughes who has lately stopped making beautiful luxury goods and instead has switched over to pure expensive trash. The belt costs $250,000 and the Gucci logo is made of platinum.
There are 30 carats of flawless diamonds and some really cheap taste in fashion. So what makes expensive goods that are trashy look so “cheap”? Well, that is because you are buying what you are told to, no matter how gaudy or trashy the diamond, platinum and gold studded products are. Oh after all it is a WAG’s life, and it is hard to be one. Isn’t it?


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