Most Wierd and Crazy Recycled Poop Innovations

 Excrement is a taboo topic in Western culture, but these recycled poop innovations show just how beneficial this waste product can be. From manure building blocks to entire homes made of poop, developing countries have long used feces as a sustainable building material.

Recycled poop innovations aren’t just found in developing countries, however. California dairy farmers have developed poop-powered 18-wheelers, and in South Korea, muskrat dung is used to make a beneficial antibiotic.
Poop Coffee (Kopi Luwak)
Ultra Luxury Coffee Excreted From Animals
Animal Coffee is processed in the digestion system of ‘Luwak’ animals deep in the jungles of Sumatra.  Once the animals poo out the coffee, it is hand processed to its final state.  At $1,000 per kilogram, it’s the real deal.  Checking out the Animal Coffee website is a must if you are fascinated by the bizarre or truly a connoisseur.(Link)

Pooptastic Jewelry
Moose Poop Necklace by Glenn and Heidi Reed is Fecal Fantastic
This moose poop necklace by Glenn and Heidi Reed isn’t just an isolated piece—it’s part of a whole series of doo doo jewelry. Each specimen is coated in polyurethane before it’s attached to a chain and made into a pendant. Talk about reusing refuse!(Link)

Manure Building Bricks
Eco-Friendly Construction Materials Made from Cow Dung
Students at the Prasetiya Mulya Business School in Indonesia have discovered a method of producing eco-friendly building materials from an endlessly renewable resource: Cow dung. The ‘Eco-Fae-Bricks’ earned the students the winning prize at the University of California, Berkeley’s Global Social Venture Competition.(Link)

Dung Doors & Windows
Bindeshwar Pathak's Poop Depot
  Bindeshwar Pathak, an Indian sanitation specialist, has found a way to make human waste into raw material that can be fashioned into doors and window frames. He dreams of opening a Poop Depot home improvement sotre. Twenty-one of his doors are now on display at the Lisson Art Gallery. 

Energy-Generating Commodes
The Made-From-Poo Loowatt Turns Waste Into Watts
LooWatt is a toilet made from poo and turns waste into energy. It is a innovative waterless toilet system that is designed for developing countries. The toilet turns human waste into biofuel energy, making your poop a commodity. LooWatt also helps in reducing waterborne illnesses and encourages proper waste disposal.
LooWatt is made from 90% horse poo and has a biodegradable, odor-free lining. The user can take the full toilet package to a biodigester who will exchange the poo package for biofuel.(Link)
Paper from Poop
Sri Lankan Elephant Dung is Medium for Mr. Ellie Pooh Products
Yes, this Mr. Ellie Pooh paper is made from elephant poop. Dung from Sri Lankan elephants, to be precise, and that’s exactly why it’s such a fantastic product. Since an elephant’s diet is all vegetarian, the waste produced is basically raw cellulose. Thoroughly cleaned and processed, the cellulose is converted into a uniquely beautiful textured product, marketed as “Ellie Pooh Paper”. This acid free, linen-like papyrus-type paper can be formed into art and construction projects, notebooks, cards and assorted gift items where the only limitation is ones imagination. These products have proved extremely popular among many in the local population.

Craptastic Cosmetics
Chicken Poop Lip Goop
Chicken Poop for the lips is the brainchild of Jamie Tabor Schmidt who first started making the product in 2000. The whimsical name doesn’t tell you that poop isn’t actually one of the ingredients. It’s made out of good stuff, really it is: 100% pure non-GMO soy, jojoba, sweet orange, lavender, and beeswax. Tabor also makes a hair pomade called, ‘Good Gravy’ and the ‘Kill It Dead’ de-funkifier (deodorant.) A percentage of product sales go to support the Kirk Rundstrom Cancer Fund (Link)


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