The Most Expensive Private Island Resort – Musha Cay

Musha Cay Resort, located in the Bahamas, is reputedly the world’s most expensive private island resort. Lush, secluded and inviting, it is ideal for hosting special events such as family gatherings or anniversary celebrations.
Located on a 150-acre island, Musha boasts a private runway, five residences, and seven beaches for you to explore. Stroll along the two-mile long sandbar that emerges for several hours each day and be enthralled by the infinity of the ocean’s horizon. Sail, jet-ski or snorkel in the sparkling sea and submerge yourself in the best of Mother Nature’s offerings.

Musha is reserved for only one party (up to 24 guests) at a time, and her owners have deliberately kept the three surrounding islands uninhabited to ensure the privacy of its guests, often celebrities or discreet high-profile individuals and their families.
The cost of a night’s stay is upwards of $25000. The exclusivity – priceless.
Call +1 203 602 0300 for reservations and further details.


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