Beaute du Siecle; Hennessy Cognac Treasure Chest

True, Russia is considered as the land of vodka, but it’s a tawny alcohol from France adds a spark of a Cognac Rush in the territory of hyper-rich oligarchs and aficionados. This occurrence is not driven by well-to-do Russians but also the emerging wealthy middle layers of society. Celebration of occasions doesn’t seem to be complete if the glaring bottle of crystal-encrusted cognac nestled with a fancy chest is not flowed. Not to forget the age and price of the cognac, which shares a directly proportional relationship.

Leading cognac brand Hennessy latest offering of ultra-Cognac-dream is Beauté du Siècle, an ornate treasure chest that comes packed with luxurious items, a Baccarat decanter carrying a blend of Cognac dated 1907. Counter 100 treasure chest are being designed by French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel and would go on sale for €150,000, or $220,000. The delivery with happen by a Hennessy board member personally. Also you can eye Hennessy’s Ellipse, a €7,000 Baccarat decanter that is an amalgam of Cognacs admired by seven generations of Hennessy’s blend-masters.
 The four-big Cognac houses that rule Russia are Hennessy, dominating the minds of the people followed by Rémy Martin, Martell and Courvoisier combating for their share. Russia has reached to the pedestal of world’s No. 7 market for Cognac after a long race. It consumed around 5.3 million bottles during the year ending July, which is 49% more than the corresponding period a year ago.


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