10 Innovative and Awesome mirrors

Mirror-mirror on the wall... and so goes the tale. Well, they will never tell who is the prettiest, so lets just come out of the fairytale chestnut. Mere a part of seeing yourself lined with wrinkles, and growing old, or admiring yourself is no longer what mirror speaks about. Well, it speaks a lot these days. So, why go for a mirror when you can get more than just mirror. Spool down to check what the modern days mirror have bought for you.

 Maitre mirror
stocco touch screen mirror1
Mirrors will now no more remain as bathroom essentials and no longer will you require an iPod or an MP3 player in your bathroom, as the “Maitre,” a touchscreen mirror from Stocco, will solve both the purposes. This sleek touchscreen mirror comprises features that will transform your bath into your own private lap of luxury. At its lower right corner, a touchscreen console offers an easy programming and operation of a radio, date and barometer. To sing your heart out in the shower you have an MP3 player as well.
Mirror Games
mirror games
Well, if you remember the tic -tac-toe game often played during the childhood days, then you will definitely love to play it again with the Mirrors game. The Mirror Games lets you play on the mirror as the bathroom steams up. Also you can draw smiles, and play on it. These mirrors look entertaining and add style statement to your décor.
SMS mirror
sms mirror
With all the things going hi-tech, mirrors are no longer behind. You can now share your messages on your mirror as well with the SMS mirror. Designed by Robert Stadler, the mirror receives the SMS messages sent from your mobile phone. So, leave a message on your mirror to say goodbye to your dear ones, or to catch them up for dinner. The mirror cost for $10.
Interactive mirror 
interactive mirror
The Interactive mirror is a fun to keep in bathroom. Reflecting modern opulence, the hi-tech mirror for your bathroom looks trendy in your décor. Complementing any contemporary style and bringing an understated elegance, this hi-tech mirror transforms your bath into your own private lap of luxury.
Radio mirror
radio mirror roca
The hi-tech mirror by Roca is sure to leave behind all the mirrors. The mirror comes with radio that lets you dance to your favorite tune. Call it a mirror or a gadget, both complements well with it. While you admire yourself in the mirror, just play in some good songs complementing your personality with the radio attached to it. To add to the benefit, is its touch screen feature. In addition, it features FM radio, lighting, an anti-mist system, a clock and ambient temperature. It also offers auxiliary audio source, to connect your iPod, and MP3 players.
LED mirror
led mirror
LED mirror priced at £300 stands away from playing the music, and interacting with the mirrors. The mirror comes with LED technology that lets you to read the displayed messages. They allow you to show personalized scrolling LED messages with a maximum limit of 4000 characters. You can also apply different fonts and effects to make the messages look more creative. The mirror also displays the time and date as well.
 Led mirror with clock and FM
radio mirror hib
The mirrors from HiB come with a clock and FM stereo radio functions. The two ranges from HiB include Acoustia RadioStar and RadioStar. Both of them comes with a built-in FM stereo radio, a 24-hour clock, and led lighting. The radio offers ten-station memory to keep you updated with the daily reports or the song of your choice. The mirror is just not an element of the bathrooms but also looks cool in your bedrooms as well. Each mirror has a remote control and a discrete control panel on its side edge to set both radio and clock functions.
MP3 mirror
mp3 mirror_zow
MP3 mirror by the Italian designer Antonio Lup is a techie mirror that will certainly transform your bathroom into an entertainment area. It features music diffusion system, and also comes with the base for the MP3 reader and LED lighting to keep your bathroom illuminated at night. Elegnat in look, the mirror is sure to make your bathroom a place to leisure.
One Television mirror
the one television mirror
This hi-tech mirror from lets you watch television and get yourself ready at the same time. One Television mirror doubles as a mirror and an entertainment system for you. The high definition LCD TV is enclosed within a mirror. Featuring high picture quality, the TV also features HDMI input, ATSC/NTSC tuner and PC input, and waterproof remote control. Carrying a price of $3,500, One television lets you enjoy two attribute in one.
Hi Mirror
Designed by Valli Arredobagno, Hi-Mirror offers your décor style as well as functionality. The hi-tech mirror features touch screen to check the weather, watch some TV, and enjoy a few other multimedia features as well. What more do you want when you can enjoy all the luxury with the mirror that lets you admire your beauty.


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