Top 5 Most Popular Games on Facebook

 As We all know, facebook become more and more popular nowadays. It’s not just because of the friendship feature offered, but also game feature that become the most popular application on facebook. Among those games, here’s the most popular games played in facebook.

5. Texas HoldEm Poker
This is the standard game for poker lovers, a kind of card game. This games are produced by Zynga. The number of players was reached 24.4 million of people on Facebook.

4. FishVille
The game sounds pretty familiar. This is a game to build the fish tanks. FishVille made by Zynga and has 24.5 million players each month on Facebook.

3. Happy Aquarium
This game encourages you to make your own aquarium with the look and condition like what you want. You have to make sure that the fish in it have enough food. You can sell it later. Happy Aquarium created by Crowdstar with 28 million players on Facebook.

2. Café World
This game makes you play as a chef who runs a restaurant. Game was launched in September 2009 by Zynga and grow rapidly and became popular with a number of players of 32 millions a month.

1. FarmVille
This game trying to bring life to your computer. The players make farm fields, bought the warehouse, visit our friend’s field and receive visitors on our field. This game was made by Zynga with a total of 74 million players in Facebook in a month.


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