Top 10 Most Bizarre Genetic Errors Ever Happened in the World

Here’s a compilation about most bizarre genetic errors ever happen in the world. Every living things in the world have genetic properties that derived from generation to generation. There are some errors happen in the process of derived the genetic properties in the living things. Here’s some of the most bizarre genetic errors ever happen in the world.

10. Two Headed Kitten

Two-headed kitten born in the swan veterinary clinic in Perth, Western Australia. When the parent is brought in after suffering complications during the birth process. This cat is a pet of George Huber and Louisa Burgess and was smaller than his normally born brother.

9. Two Headed Gecko

Gecko with a head on each end was found at an antique shop in Huaihua City, Hunan Province, China on June 3rd 2008. This gecko has a length of about 10 cm. Gecko is able to crawl slowly and can move in the opposite direction without turning his head.

8. Two Headed Pig

The birth of two-headed pig in China is hailed as a miracle by the farmers there because pigs are generally regarded as a symbol of fertility in China. In addition, this strange animal was born in 2007, the year of the pig, so this unique pork is considered a blessing. Birth weight 1.5 kg, with 2 mouths and 4 eyes, in a small village in the east of Quanzhou Fujian province, China.

7. Two Headed Python
Two headed python snake was found by the vets at the zoo in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The two head operate independently and have the ability to eat. This snake with 25 inch length is used the head to control the movement, while on the left will follow naturally. In general, python, live in a natural ecosystem, can reach up to seven meters long and can swallow animals much larger than his own body.

6. Two Headed Turtle

Two headed turtle was found in the Sean Casey pet stores, Kensington, Florida. Casey, the owner of the pet store turtles get two-headed from a man in Florida who rescued a bunch of eggs after the female parent was killed by a car. Casey was the one who take care of these turtles in the house, and then took him to his pet store.
Unfortunately that popular pets ultimately was stolen from the pet store.

5. Two Headed Crocodile

This crocodile is a two headed conjoined twins crocodile baby found in 2001 by the staff of a crocodile farm in Thailand.

4. Two Headed Cow
This two headed cow born in Virginia, United States. Has three sets of teeth, two lower jaw, two noses, but only one mouth with separate air channel, and has one eye socket, with two eyes in it. This can be caused by a genetic disorder, or errors during embryonic development.

3. Two Headed Lamb

This two-headed lamb was born in Iceland. Pall Stefansson, a local veterinarian said that the two headed lamb is very rare, even though he had heard of two similar cases over the years. Lamb that survived the birth process was not able to lift his head.

2. Two Mouths Fish
This strange fish caught in the downstream areas of Oilsands, Alberta, in the lake Athabasca weighing 2.5 kilograms. This fish has two mouths.

1. Two Headed Girl
Abigail and Brittany Hensel are two girls who are on the same one body. The two have different personalities. Polycephaly in humans is extremely rare. However, in this case very rare, because these girls have survived intact and survived to adulthood. While each control one half of their bodies, they can walk with ease. They even have obtained driving license. For more information about this, Please take a look here at wikipedia. They live in Minnesota.


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