Play boy, Play: 15 clever Playboy ads

Play boy is an international brand that targets men, the outwardly strong, yet feeble creatures when it comes to the matter of babes and their projected assets. Play boy is, in a way, a glorified mutation of pornography. It is a skewed creative food for the sexual fantasy of a 15-year old lad who discretely uncovers the centre-spread nakedness of a glossy magazine.
But, does it need any creativity to show the nakedness of ample-breasted women? Well, it depends. Play boy is such a brand that uses high dose of creativity in its advertising efforts for its services which satiates the sexually-hungry fantasies. They don’t cut-paste a naked image of a bare girl with some tantalizing copy, there is much creative efforts behind those advertising efforts for play boy. Indeed some are hot. Some are cheeky. Some are morally brazen.
Here is a list of the most brilliant advertising efforts for Play Boy.
When a woman touches her mouse
No nakedness here. Just play boy Impudence. For the advertising pleasure of the horny men around the world , here is just a misrepresentation of a mouse and a woman’s hand. Visually tricky and morally insolent, the ad aims to direct consumers to the play boy website.
The ad is, in a way, a substantial evidence for the high dose of impertinent brilliance of playboy. This significant difference make play boy different from pornography.
Playboy hot teacher
Hot teachers and hot nurse are men’s usual characters who come to men’s dirty fantasies. This playboy magazine print ads from brazil banks on this crazy craze.

Indeed, teachers should be considered with respect. But playboy, who has no respect to anyone, except its readers or viewership, just presents these ‘sexy teachers’ to make the men learn some naughty lessons.
PETA and Palyboy: hot birds of same feathers
An eye for an eye and skin for skin. PETA and Playboy have almost similar stupidly creative advertising tactic that is often banked on nakedness of hot babes. In this ad, PETA and Play boy joins together.

The ad shows some babes almost-naked backyards. Bull fight bull shit. The babe’s back copy reads. No corrida- I don’t know what it means. Does it means ‘no corridor’. Sorry, how foolish of me may not be so. Anyway, brilliant ad positioning.
Pray for the rain
The billboard, which features a woman’s precious assets, is silent and calm when it is dry. But, that’s just a silence before the rain!
This billboard for Playboy in Germany gets all naughty when it is raining. The t-shirt gets wet and the lucky German’s can see what she has got inside that cruel t-shirt.

Who says men don’t like reading?

Well, insulting to the menfolk in the pretext of entertaining them. The copy asks- Who says men don’t like reading?
I haven’t heard. Nobody said so.
The letters are prepared with nude girls. Hellooo, we can read better. (from germany)

Creatively offensive 

Ladies, you should sue, this time. Haven’t you seen what Playboy has done for the sheer viewing pleasure of the boys?
Playboy placed mirrored doormats and interested boys can have a multi-dimensional glimpse of the private areas of the passing women.
Hairy and happy
Copy reads- “1975/2006. 31 years of Playboy in Brasil.”
A few black squiggles on a white paper denote the message. That’s creativity. Hairy and creepy creativity.
The panty and bra special
Visually cheeky and cleverly communicated message makes this ad interesting to consider.
The ad, developed by YOUNG & RUBICAM BRASIL, advertises the panty and bra special issues of the magazine. Well, we never thought that you can show panty and bra using just two magazines, really?
Men can concentrate on two things!
Copy-oriented example of insolent creativity from Playboy.
Men can concentrate on two things!
Should I comment?
Fractured hands
Here, play boy just features a man with his two hands fractured.
What happened to him?

Don’t think more. It may lead you to unnecessarily strange answers.
The ad has been developed by Publicis, Netherlands.
Play boy eyes

These eyes are naughty, you can see.
The ad has been developed by YOUNG & RUBICAM for play boy Tv in spain.
This ad just shows a bag
So what?
But, man you know. Look.
This is another example for the fact that playboy often uses visual trick rather than apparent sexy images.

Inauguration of playboy channel
No better and suitable way to depict the message!

Play boy pen- limited edition

The ad has been developed by: YOUNG & RUBICAM BRASIL
‘kids friendly’ bill board!
Kid’s friendly billboard for Play boy? Yes.

This billboard just consists of the logo and the “PLAYBOY” trademark visible on a golden background.
But, just like that rainy secret-revealing billboard, its behavior changes in the night. When lit up at night , a naughty image can be seen and “PLAYB0Y” becomes “PLAY, BOY!”.


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