12 iPad competitors that will fire up the tablet renaissance

Apple iPad has been reviewed to the core in this week with features being scanned for their viability and other criteria. There are some things missing in the Apple iPad, like the lack of multi-tasking, Flash support, camera, USB ports, and much more. Jumping the gun and purchasing the iPad right now may not be such a wise decision, considering the past history of first generation Apple products. The PC tablet market is already filling up with other tablets and product announcements (to be released soon or working prototypes). So a sensible advice would be to hold forte and keep your options open if you are planning on buying a tablet PC. Let’s have a rundown on the Tablet PC’s that will catch eyes in the coming months.

# HP Slate

Revealed to the technology experts at CES, Hewlett-Packard’s tablet PC runs on the Windows 7 operating system platform. HP Slate is more of a scaled down PC as compared to iPad, which is more of a scaled-up smartphone.
# ICD Gemini
icd gemini tablet pc
If you thin iPad is good, then ICD Gemini is definitely going to impress you big time. Sporting 1GHz Tegra SOC and running on Android platform Gemini is far better in features list when compared to iPad. ICD Gemini has support for FM Radio, SD Slot, HD Video, Flash support and GPS; all of which are missing in the Apple iPad.
icd gemini vs ipad2
icd gemini vs ipad3
# Fusion Garage’s Joo Joo

joo joo tablet
Launched just within few days of the iPad launch Fusion Garage’s Joo Joo tablet PC is in the same price range as the Apple iPad. Joo Joo has a 1366 x 768, capacitive 12-inch display, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB solid state drive. Talking about the flash Joo Joo has full screen Flash video playback support courtesy the Atom processor coupled up with NVIDIA Ion graphics.
# Microsoft Courier
03 05 10courier2 thumb 550x336 35138_tvzbe_54
Deemed as the dual-screen book-type tablet PC, Microsoft Courier is going to be launched probably in Q3 or Q4.
apple ipad vs microsoft courier_ugkqc_54
#EAFT Magic Tile 

Tegra-2 based tablet EAFT magic Tile runs on Android platform, sprots a 7-inch touch panel (1024X600 resolution), 1.3 MP camera, in-built accelerometer, Bluetooth, HDMI output and USB port. The battery life is around 8 hours during peak usage and it is scheduled to be launched in Q3. No details on the usage at this point.

# Notion Ink Adam
notion ink big
Notion Ink Adam is yet another 10-inch tablet that runs on the Android platform powered by Tegra 2 processor chip. Notion Ink Adam has a unique screen technology from Pixel Qi that aids in low-power reflective mode for maximum readability in direct sunlight. Slated to be released in second quarter this year Notion Ink Adam will come in the price range somewhere between $300 and $800.

# Compal Tablet
compal tablet pc
Nvidia announced the Compal tablet at CES, which is a working prototype running on Android 2.0 and powered by Tegra 2 processor. Other specifications include 512MB of DDR2 RAM and 3 megapixel camera. The Compal tablet may be released in Q3 of this year and no rveals on the price range yet.
# NAV 9 Slate PC
nav 9 slate pc
Having 8.9-inch multi-touch LCD display with 1024 x 600 resolution and powered by Intel Atom N270 running at 1.66GHz, NAV 9 Slate PC will come at the price of $599. The 2GB memory RAM and 16GB SSD (upgradable up to 128GB) makes the NAV Slate PC for office users. Other specifications include expandable SD memory card slot, WLAN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional 3G module for seamless internet connectivity.

# Archos’ Home Tablet
archos home tablet pc
The ARCHOS 7 and the ARCHOS 8 home tablet are two new Android™-based multimedia tablets specifically designed for home use to enhance one’s digital lifestyle. The best of web browsing, multimedia, live information, social networking and applications for in-home use for as little as $199
# ICD Vega
Developed by Innovative Converged Device(ICD), Vega tablet PC has 15.6″ Touchscreen, NVIDIA Tegra processor, 512 DDR / 512 NAND 32GB, internal SD 1.3 MP Web Cam, Micro SD Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 2.0 port.
# EkrooET10TA10 tablet 

Italy-based Ekoore is shipping a tablet PC that runs Ubuntu Linux or Windows on an Intel Atom N270. The Ekoore ET10TA10 tablet PC offers a 10.2-inch, 1024 x 600 backlit touchscreen, as well as 1GB of RAM, flash expansion, a 160GB hard disk drive (HDD), and WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB connections. The ET10TA is being sold in Italy with Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP Home for 479 Euros, or about $642 US, says Ekoore. A trial version of Windows 7 is also offered. The 3G module is available for an additional 114 Euros, and the GPS module is another 54 Euros.

# Asus T91 Tablet
asus eee pc t91
Eee PC T91 is one-off tablet PC with a keyboard has a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 CPU, It also has 1GB of RAM, Intel GMA500 graphics, a 16GB SSD and a lithium polymer battery. Other than that, it’s also got 802.11 B/G/N Wi-Fi, 10/100Mbps Ethernet, and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.

# Dell Streak

Probably one of the best eye candy tablet PC thus far, Dell Streak will come in a range of attractive glossy colors. Sporting a 5-inch WVGA (800 x 480) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, capacitive touch front buttons, front-facing VGA camera (for video chatting) and the 30-pin docking connector this can be considered as mini tablet PC..

# Google Chromium OS tablet
chromium os tablet2
Google is not going to be far behind in the tablet PC wars with its Chromium OS tablet, which is still in its concept stage.

From what I have got on this tablet so far, it is going to have zooming UI for multiple tabs, multiple browsers on screen using a launcher and contextual actions triggered via dwell.


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