l'hélicoptère par hermès

If the black-and-white Versace helicopter wasn't your color scheme check out l'Hélicoptère par Hermès, a Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter designed by the French luxury brand in rich brown with classic Hermes orange accents. The EC135 is a twin engined multimission helicopter which can hold five passengers plus a pilot and luggage. The gorgeous interior has Hermès calf leather seats and leather trimmed controls and the entire cabin is enclosed in Hermès canvas and comes with binoculars so the passengers can view the scenery from above. I particularly love the neat little cubbies for your reading material. Certification is expected by next summer and there are already several interested buyers but they will have to wait until next October for their new toy.

l'hélicoptère par hermès

l'hélicoptère par hermès is produced by eurocopter in collaboration with hermès

hermès recruited designer gabriele pezzini to work on the helicopter with the eurocopter engineers

the hermès helicopter is based on the eurocopter EC 135

illustration of final design proposal

renderings of the interior design

renderings of the interior design

the customized graphics are one of the most noticeable changes

the floor and ceiling of the cabin are upholstered in hermès 'toile h' canvas

the cabin was filled with intricate details such as coat hooks and reading lights

the 4 seats are reupholstered in leather and also fitted with a center console

custom jacquard safety signs

the helicopter's cockpit upholstered in black leather

the main body of the hermès helicopter

the luggage compartment under the helicopter's twin engines

detail of the helicopter's tail section

the redesigned landing gear

l'hélicoptère par hermès


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