Most popular celebrity iPhone apps

Be it just another popular way to help fans connect with their favorite celebrity, or a mere lucrative business deal, in either case the celebrity iPhone apps is a rage. Even Forbes considered it worthy to make a list of top 10 cool celebrity iPhone apps, which was virtually graced by Los Angeles Philharmonic’s “Bravo Gustavo”, and such influential personalities as Pope Benedict XVI. However, here we’ll rather talk about those celebrities who are affected with OCD, and who have to butt in about everything under the sun, to spread their air of supremacy. Take a look at the list below.
7. The Official Madonna iPhone App

At least now the self-crowned Queen of Pop, Madonna, couldn’t have kept herself from launching her own iPhone app for long. Her official iPhona app hit the App store just last month and you can catch the fuss everywhere on the world wide web. The app gives you all - the Madge videos, pics, Twitter, song purchases - but just don’t expect anything out of the box, coz the queen isn’t really doing anything lately.
Price: Free

6. Kim Kardashian’s beauty app

Apparently, the reality show fame isn’t left with much work, so she has opened a beauty saloon on iPhone. Kim claims that through her app, she’ll share beauty tricks coming from top designers and ace makeup artists. That’s quite a luring bait.

Price: $1.99

5. Speidi’s Web iPhone App

Who wants it anyways? However, such app does exist, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who I fear that even know how to handle the iPhone, have an iPhone app after them. You’ll get to see their unseen pics, candids and rare videos on the app, after which you might feel jumping off ‘the Hill’.

Price: $1.99

4. It’s Britney’s iPhone App
How can Brits go missing, her iPhone app, “It’s Britney” is quite popular among her fans for its fun features. The app allows her fans to hold up their phones at her shows and dazzle her, or they can also “Be Britney’s Dancer”. And, her videos, pictures, songs go without saying.
Price: $1.99

4. Mariah Carey-oke iPhone app
Mariah Carey is certainly a wanna-be tech savvy, as also apparent from her commercial for Centrino Duo laptop. She’s even keeps pretty active on Twitter, so her iPhone app was obviously seen coming. The Mariah Carey-oke iPhone app is designed as a Karaoke app, which offers an interesting speech-detection karaoke game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is definitely promising for aspirant singers, and there’s no point we can challenge her music abilities, so it’s rather welcome from the queen of amazing vocals.

Price: $3.99

2. App for the Paris Hilton’s SupaFan
Ahh, Paris Hilton! We all keep eagerly waiting for what’s coming next from this diva. The SupaFan app in fact literally calls her fans loud to watch her saucy videos, pics and candids.You’ll get an update on everything she does from red carpets, beach to night clubs.
Price: $0.99

1. Be Like Lady Gaga
The Poker Face deserves the final and the best spot in this list. Who doesn’t wish to be look eccentric and completely insane like Lady Gaga. Be Like Lady Lady Gaga iPhone app might make you the next big thing just like the star herself. The app enables you to imitate the electro-pop sensation, by trying her hairdos, crazy costumes and accessories on your pictures.
Price: $1.99


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